Sunday, November 2, 2008

Zombie Lurch...

... select pictures from the DC Zombie Lurch 2008 (and Silver Spring Lurch as well mixed in).  Hard to take a bad picture of Zombies.  I intentionally blew out the vibrancy and contrast to show the coulour/flavor of the event because shooting in Black & White would be too easy.  I used an off-camera 580EXII flash hooked to a mono-pod via Pocket Wizards - my first Strobist attempt!

Click on the title of this post to get to the Flickr site.  
View them as a slideshow.  If you were part of the lurch, i bet i have your pictures.  Download what you want but please leave me a comment or email.


  1. Great photos! I took a couple that were of me & my girlfriend to put on my facebook/myspace. I put your name as photographer. Thanks!!

  2. ..and he seemed so normal when we sent him back east to school!

  3. Who are you kind people who leave comments on this photo blog? Meaning.. Dana.. which pictures were of you?... and WC Mom... who are you?

    Inquiring minds wish people would leave more info.