Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Buy a turkey turkey...

... a grocery adventure in Giant.   They have scanner guns and incredible trust in their customers.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Crack is bad...

... he was sitting at the bar at Mexicali Blues in Clarendon around noon on a weekend.  Probably drank a lot the night previously... but still, you think he would have felt a draft.

Loss of appetite for me!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Beauty and the Beast at MVCCT...

... Disney's Beauty and Beast performed at Carl Sandburg Middle School in Alexandria, VA by MVCCT.   This weekend is their last show so google MVCCT and get tickets.   40 kids make a magical musical.   It was visually amazing to climb all over the stage with them.

Majority of the show was shot with a 16-35mm 2.8L but the 40D has a 1.6x crop factor.   Can't wait till the 5D MkII is out with a full frame sensor.   Needed the widest angle to try to catch everything going on... on stage.   It is a fun challenge to correct for the colored gels on the hot spots and eke out enough light to shoot something non-soft... faster than 1/60th.   If only that lens had image stabilization!

Click the title of the post to see the Flickr Set.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Children's Theater...

... i legitimately like shooting Children's (Kids) theater.  In my last shooting for MVCCT I caught A LOT of rehearsals.  

The watching of the process... kids being kids and generally having fun and goofing off made it seem as if their show was not exactly going to come together but like most theater... it did... perfectly.  

Visually... it was really cool to see it through the lens.  The "tech week" and dress rehearsals is when you actually notice that they really were paying attention and their heart is really into giving a good show... regardless of how big or small their roll was.

Monday, November 17, 2008


... headshots make me uncomfortable.  I am always nervous to do them and feel very insecure and naive when i am asked to shoot... but I like to shoot "character shots" with actors in costume and it makes it so much easier when they are kids and we have a bit of fun with them.

I have been asked more than a couple times if i would take headshots by some of the theater students/actors i sort of know.   I feel very naive when it comes to this and really inadequate.  I need much more practice before i get anywhere near more comfortable.  Thank you MVCCT for the opportunity to leave my "comfort zone".  

This was also my first experience with using a shoot-thru umbrella (camera left and high) with 580EXII, white bounce to the right and a 580EXII generally directly behind the subject's head angled up, all linked by PocketWizards.   I was rushed and would have liked to have spent more time playing with the flash outputs.

Next time!