Sunday, May 29, 2011

Big Wheel Grand Prix...

While at the Lyon Park Spring Fair, I saw the local neighborhood was hosting a Big Wheel Grand Prix.   Adults and kids competed while careening down North Garfield Street for racing glory.
Fun to practice panning to capture motion.
The technology behind Big Wheels had not changed much since I was a kid.
It sure looked like fun!

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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

TL Dramathon...

Shots from The Theatre Lab's Dramathon performed on 20 May 11 at Theatre J in NW DC.  An evening of original plays to support the Theatre Lab's "Send A Kid To Theatre Camp" campaign.

Play readings absolutely suck to photograph because the images invariably consist of actors looking down and reading. It is the nature of a play reading that kind of makes it visually unsatisfying.  I understand the importance of play readings in theatre... just visually... it is really difficult to make compelling images. 

Good lights on the stage... but the same stage for all plays... music stands in the way... everyone in a row looking down and reading or holding the lines in their hands.  Plus... an audience in the house limits what I can do.  The tilt-shift is the only thing I could think to use to change it up some.

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