Monday, November 17, 2008


... headshots make me uncomfortable.  I am always nervous to do them and feel very insecure and naive when i am asked to shoot... but I like to shoot "character shots" with actors in costume and it makes it so much easier when they are kids and we have a bit of fun with them.

I have been asked more than a couple times if i would take headshots by some of the theater students/actors i sort of know.   I feel very naive when it comes to this and really inadequate.  I need much more practice before i get anywhere near more comfortable.  Thank you MVCCT for the opportunity to leave my "comfort zone".  

This was also my first experience with using a shoot-thru umbrella (camera left and high) with 580EXII, white bounce to the right and a 580EXII generally directly behind the subject's head angled up, all linked by PocketWizards.   I was rushed and would have liked to have spent more time playing with the flash outputs.

Next time!

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