Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Marie Antoinette Baroque Ball, Canberra, Australia

... i was able to take pictures at the Marie Antoinette Baroque Ball in Canberra, Australia. The music and the complexity of the dances were amazing. The costumes were great to photograph, just wish i had some more experience with portraiture. I was looking to shoot some motion/panning shots mostly but the new image stablization lens i am using is hard to get used to. I MISTAKENLY shot these at 1600 ISO which was kind of an amateur mistake so many of the pictures i took were unusable.

My thanks to John and Aylwin Garden and the Earthly Delights who organize the monthly event. What a neat organization with a group of people who legitmately have fun dancing ballroom from the 1400s - 1800s style. If anyone from the event would like a copy of all the pictures, please send me email to Oberlep27@yahoo.com and to see all the pictures please visit http://www.flickr.com/photos/dcdiscombobulated/sets/72157600404645773/

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  1. I happened unto your blog in search of pictures of balls and masquerading.. in any event I found wonderful photography! I will definitely come back and take a peek at your other works when I have time.