Thursday, June 28, 2007

The Arthouse, Melbourne, Australia

... A neat ecclectic Pub and backpakers hotel. Looked like a good music venue for alterno style bands. Extremely cheap rooms. I caught some Heavy Metal/Punk/Thrash kind of bands from Sydney that were in town playing. It really was not my kind of music because I prefer to hear the lyrics of what is being sung.. SUNG... not yelled/belched into the microphone... but three of the bands were surprisingly good. This really is not my scene so i am no expert but the bands could really play.. and the lead vocalists (ahem) apparently did know their stuff by the reaction of the crowd.

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  1. thank you for the photo's and the *ahem* kind words of encouragement, hehe.

    the point of all the yelling and screaming is to drive home the fact that we're really pasionate (pissed off may be a better term) about the topics we write about.

    A small tid-bit of information: one of the founding hardcore bands, Minor Threat came from DC. just thought you'd be interested.

    Tj (drummer / wobbly thrower, Flame The Fire)