Sunday, June 24, 2007

Melbourne Grind Girls

... while in Melbourne, Australia, I got to shoot pictures at a practice of the Melbourne Grind Girls, the Victorian Roller Derby League in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. They are a pretty new roller derby league that has yet to play a full bout. Their training is pretty serious so i am sure they are well on their way. They certainly had the most fit looking members out of any league i have seen. The austere walls of the training space did not lend to capturing the kind of panning motion shots like i wanted. Catching a roller derby team in yet another (barely) foreign country was a nice touch to my Australia expedition.

To see the complete set, visit and if any member of the team wants a copy on CD, please email me at


  1. Betty BamALam02 July, 2007 06:45

    Paul we really appreciate you coming out to see us and photogrpahing our league. If you are ever in need of a bag of organic sheep poo, just let me know.

    xx Betty BamALam
    you'll have to come visit us again, next year when we are bouting.

  2. just ushered a vca doco about these girls and now i am covered in drool.