Saturday, July 7, 2007

DC July 4th Fireworks

...Some photos from the 2007 DC July 4th Fireworks. I took a lot of photos from a balcony with an amazing view at a party. These were shot at 100 ISO, between f8 and f16, Manual Focus, tripod and remote shutter release. I shot in RAW for the first time but could never find the bulb setting for my camera so many of the photos wre grossly overexposed.

Shooting in RAW posed a different set of problems since i am on the fence with what photo editing and management software i want to use... Apeture or PS Elements (Bridge). I need some kind of formal class on these programs because i over saturated the colors a bit and before i could start over, i accidently convereted them to JPG and deleted the masters. This is as good as it got.

Next year, I vow to get closer to the fireworks so i don't have to go through a 70-300 telephoto.

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  1. Nice fireworks photos -- nice vantage point! I particularly like the first two in this set -- great color and streaking, and it's nice to work the DC element in by getting the Lincoln, Washington, and Capitol in one shot. (If anything, having that 70-300 lets you compress all three of the buildings into one frame.)

    I was out near the Iwo Jima Memorial, but I didn't have my tripod or my 50-150 telephoto, so I was making a mess with handheld exposures with camera shake while under and overexposing.

    I just learned how to set the shutter into bulb mode myself. Go in to manual (M) mode on the camera, then dial the control wheel left to keep slowing the exposure down until you see buLb on the display. Then you can set the aperture by holding down the Av +/- button while dialing the control wheel to set the aperture. The remote shutter release definitely helps here.

    Do you have the wireless or wired remote shutter release?