Tuesday, January 18, 2011

That 80's Club...

...That 80's Club at Rue 13 in Saint Louis for the celebration of Rachel's 30th Birthday.

  80's videos and tunes.  Ah.. nostalgia.  While I suspect the majority of the eye candy on the dance floor was actually born in the 90's and 00's... it still rocked.

    A successful exercise in shutter drag and purposeful camera shake all with the nifty fifty 50mm f1.8 on the 5DmkII.  Small field of vision with the 50mm but playing the freezing of the on-camera flash (with stofen) and the ambient via long shutter speed was my idea of fun.  Plus, it meant I did not have to dance.

  Click on the title of the post when viewed on the photo-blog to get to the flickr set to see them all.

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