Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Artomatic anticipation...

... i decided to do Artomatic again this year.  It appears it will be held in another amazing space and now that i know what to expect, i will get more out of it this time.  In less than two weeks, we chose wall space and then the fun begins.

Last year, i had no defining theme and my pictures... while accomplishing my goal of being colourful and fun... were a bit small.  This year will be different.

This year's unifying theme for my display will be... ZOMBIES!!!


  1. I may do this also - Zombies are cool!! This being said after saying I think clowns are evil - go figure

    How many pieces can you hang - say 20x24?

  2. I dunno yet.. they have not put out the dimensions of the available spaces yet. Check out the www.artomatic.org website for when that info will be available. I will email you later when i know.