Sunday, October 12, 2008

Deadlands 2: Trapped (3d Movie Shoot)

... 3d time i shot digital stills for Gary Ugarek, writer and director of Deadlands 2: Trapped in Fredericksburg, VA.  Click the title of this post to see the entire set on Flickr.  Google it or search on IMDb.

Deadlands 2: Trapped official site:

Shooting movie stills is difficult as you can't exactly use a flash while they are filming and you can't click away while they are filming sound.  High ISO is the norm here.  Click on the title of the post to visit the Flickr to see all the shots.


  1. Great images. I've included your blog in a recent posting "20 Awesome Photoblogs - Washington, DC". Check it out when you have a moment. Best of luck and keep up the great work!

  2. Great pics. I was an ZOMBIE Extra and had an blast. Nice learning experience.