Saturday, June 7, 2008

Star FK Radium (band)...

... i can't say enough good things about this band and their sound. Bill Martien on acoustic guitar, Matt Clark on drums and Alissa Taylor on violin make up the band Star FK Radium, a Washington, DC based acoustic instrumental band. I have shot pictures of Bill before with his previous band "By the Wayside".

Neat sound - been a fan of Bill's from his previous band, which i shot pictures of in the past. Check the band out on their myspace page at: and listen to the songs Travel and Life in Slow Motion.

Bill and Matt (before Alissa joined the band) played at the super-secret underground radio station in DC called Radio CPR 97.5 FM. This independent station services the Mount Pleasant and Columbia Heights area... and I admire its mission. Also got to meet the beautiful DJ KerO as well. Who knew Underground radio could look like that?

Check them out at:

Everyone photographed great. Beautiful people in a unique space.
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