Monday, March 3, 2008

last night in town at Myth Bar...

... for my last night in Omaha, i caught two more performers at Myth Bar in the Old Market area of the city.  The lighting was different.. or perhaps it was my killer headache from my past two stressful days... either way, i was simply not fond of the pictures and just felt 'off' that night and not on top of the camera game.

I was there to see Jessica Lindsey who played keyboard... i heard she was an artist to catch when in Omaha.  Great vocals but my headache really had me down.  The musician before her was Stephanie Pilypaitis... cute-as-can-be but i had some harsh shadows on her face and with my headache... turned out my heart just was not in it.

I was un-inspired and just needed to go to bed and relax.  Oh well, maybe next time when i am in Omaha... i will feel better.

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