Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Eve in Crystal City, MO

... My new years eve was spent in two bars (Squeakers and Crystal City Tavern) in Crystal City, MO.   People were so much more willing to be photographed drunk there than in DC - go figure!  

No girlfriend = no kisses.  I really must stay in DC or NY next year. 

If anyone is interested in copies of any photos i may have gotten of them, just email me.


  1. great pics what camera were you shooting with! and what shutter speed?

  2. A Canon 40D... and... i would have to look up the shutter speed. How about you email me at and I can get that info for you. I am pretty sure i was using a 2.8 aperture... or maybe a 1.8 "nifty-50" 50 mm. Who are you?