Sunday, October 28, 2007

DC Zombie Lurch 2007

Annual (2d year so far) DC Zombie Lurch. Started at the Washington Monument and ended near Farragut North.

High points included the Thriller Dance in the beginning, getting followed and stopped by Park Police, and Lurching through the Metro as well as a Borders Books.

Low points included low turn-out for the Thriller Dance, too-quiet music, slow lurch start, shitty megaphone, wrong turns and some wasted time wandering where there were no bystanders.

Still a great time and a great turn out. Can't wait to see how many people show next year! I played a lot with saturation (for colour) and contrast (for B&W) just to get a 'Zombie Feel'. Caught some motion which was not easy. I really need an external flash!!! Just so everyone knows, i was a photographer, not a Zombie. Sorry - no pictures of me! Send me email if you participated and would like a DVD with all the photos.

To see the complete set, go to the flickr set at:


  1. how fun! the b/w photos still capture the bloody and gory makeup without needing to see the color red. cool.

  2. Sad I missed out on this year after all. Looks like a bigger and better turn out than last year. Next year for sure. When I am not recovering from a sprained knee.

  3. Argh, damn, and expletive deleted! I can't believe I missed another Zombie Lurch... And it's really a tough choice; to be a zombie or a photographer.

    Though I suppose, in the event of a zombie infestation, photographers could BE zombies. Hm....

    Great shots, by the way; the motion-blurs are fab.

  4. Butbutbut-- the undead DO rule the gummint.

  5. i bet this event gets bigger each year!! the pics are great...thanks!

  6. I LOVE IT! Thanks for posting this--D.C. and the D.C. blogosphere needs to see more things like this to keep life here more interesting!

  7. hey - i was one of your zombies! good fun! i posted your link on MY blog (and you were wondering who i was)
    this is me in the front with the frizzy hair...

    btw - i love your "eye" - good pics!


  8. Silly quislings.